Episode-67- Save Water And Money With Easy Leaky Toilet Fix

old tank
old toilet tank kit
new toilet pipe
new kit
new toilet tank kit


1. Toilet Water Facts

  • Running or leaky toilet can cost up to 4,000 gallons of water per year.
  • For me that’s about $32 per year per leaky toilet

2. Toilet parts
3. Ways to save water and money with the toilet

  • Put a brick or some large rocks in the tank to take up some of the extra volume and thus cut down on water.

4. Fixing the running/leaky toilet

  • Read the instructions!
  • Total cost was $16 and to get the free shipping I ordered a second repair kit because my wife said she heard the same sound coming infrequently from the second toilet of this type

5. Results

  • So far after one week no more hissing sound which means no more running water which means the parts will pay for themselves in about 6 months. As for the time and energy I put into it I consider it an investment and knew knowledge gained and now shared with you.

6. New toilets on the market

  • Low flush
  • Pressure assist toilets
  • Vacuum assisted toilets
  • Compost toilets
  • Washlets

Song of The Day – Lay It On The Line –  Lay It On The Line video


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