Episode-113- Protect Beehive From Ants

Around Memorial Day weekend I kept noticing ants crawling in and out of honeybee hive B which was installed at the beginning of May. Ants can become a problem pest for bees if left unchecked. Usually bees can handle as they do most pests but for a small hive just starting out ants can be ruinous. It could get as bad as the bees having to abscond the hive and leave it to the ants. Well not on my watch.

If you have viewed the last couple of episodes you have noticed the format is changing to more of a “show me don’t tell me” pattern. I believe that doing episodes in this fashion with PowerPoint presentations captured with SnagIt from TechSmith and published on YouTube help to show rather than tell how to do things for a better life. Such is the case when it comes to explaining a to do list item from May.The video for today’s episode presents the problems posed by ants and my building plans for a bee hive stand with moat. Since this was installed at the end of May I have not noticed ants on or in the hive at all. I am still vigilant checking for pests and although there are some such as the small hive beetle they do not thrive nor survive for long. Have a watch and let me know what you think and how you control pests in the beehive. My e-mail is TonyTeolis@todolisthome.comHow to manage honey bees by my favorite advisers

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Song of The Day – Adam and The Ants – MP3 Stand And Deliver –  Video 

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