Episode-246- Plant Comfrey And Parsley Part 2

This is part 2 of the parsley and comfrey planting this year. The last video showed what the comfrey looked like out of the fridge where it was stored for a month. The gardens look bare and that’s because they are. Soon though things will be growing in all the mounds and swales. They will be hosting apple and peach trees, elderberry and blueberry and much much more. There will be juneberry, honeysuckle, goji berry, sunflowers, narsturtium, tomatoes, peppers, basil, aspargus, squash, beans of all kinds and edamame too. There is just so much to come that they can’t all do it on their own. They need plants that grow with them well and the two you see today are known for that.

The comfrey will spread and burst forth with big luscious leaves and pretty purple flowers. I’ll leave them grow wild this first year of growth and then they’ll be cut and used for nourishing the soil. Comfrey is deep rooted plant and that allows it to be a dynamic accumulator bringing up nutrients from deep below and folding them out in their leaves and flowers. Dandelion acts in a similar way and that’s one of the reasons I let plenty of them grow wild. The bees love the flowers of the dandelion and we’ll see how much they love the comfrey flower.

There’s also plenty of parsley because I love parsley so much I eat in salads throughout the summer. In facts some of today’s pickins will go right into the basil paste I’ll be making later. Parsley is a greatat smelling herb to grow just the aroma. It helps to keep asparagus pests away and it is an awesome herb stored long term with my dehydrator.


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