Episode-245- Plant Comfrey And Parsley In The Backyard

This how the gardens get started this year. I begin with comfrey from Nantahala Farm & Garden in North Carolina  and the parsley were the first plants started from seed in February. The seeds came from SouthernExposre In Mineral, VA. I have had a great experience buying from them over the years.

Today’s video shows how they have grown in the past two months and I briefly show where they will be planted in the backyard. The comfrey roots have been stored in the fridge for about 3 weeks. They came in mail from Nancy at Nantahala and I followed her instructions carefully. Soon the swales will be full of big leaved and purple flowered plants. The asparagus beds will host some of the parsley to help ward off any pesky critters.


All About Gardens In My Backyard

Song of the Day – Moe – Gathering of the Vibes 2009 -LIVE

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