Episode-32- Plan Landscape Gardens And Order Best Plants And Seeds

My most trusted supplier catalogs
My most trusted supplier catalogs

Plans For Landscape Gardens And Order Best Plants And Seeds. Learn how I plan for the best growing fruits and vegetables and the suppliers who make it possible. In the bleak cold winter stopping to imagine what I want to see in the spring summer and fall.

In the Podcast

  • Making garden plans and ordering seeds and plants.
  • Deciding what I want to plant
  • Making plans
  • Measuring total square footage
  • Determine how to make new gardens
  • Checking on old seeds
  • Sticking with what works
  • Using reliable suppliers
  • Trying to keep costs under control
  • Thinking about long term production but only one initial investment of time, money and labor


What I did

  • Why
  • How I did it
  • Resources I used

How long it took

  • Who helped
  • What I learned
  • What I liked
  • What I didn’t like
  • Who this kind of work is for


Song of the Day – Bob Marley – Rebel’s Hop – Video

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