Episode-104- Physics Of The Future – Book Review

What I learned from Physics Of The Future

  • The 4 stages of technology that major innovations go through as they become part of what further defines humanity.
  • The day when any data anywhere anytime is near.
  • Healthcare for longer and better living will be available to every human, in your own home.
  • Energy to drive humanity will be something that our descendents will think of us as insane for fighting over.
What’s really good about this book
  • It is based on the science that is available today and lays out roadmaps for where the results could be in the year 2100.
  • Dr. Kaku’s wisdom and the interviews he conducted with over 300 leading scientists, researchers and thinkers.
  • It is a career planning guide for those who want to prepare for the jobs of the future, many of which are available today.
Physics Of The Future is a must read for 
  • People who are willing to consider new models for economic growth that are not soley based on consumption of resources.
  • People who want to decide their own roles in the shaping of the future of humanity.

Song of The Day –  Georges Bizet –  MP3  Bizet: Carmen Suite No. 1: Aragonaise (Prelude to Act IV) –  VIDEO 

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