There seems to be no end to cold weather and to top it off we got a foot of snow today. It’s not that it is so bad but it has been a long winter and the motivation to plan for spring is tested by weather that keeps me indoors. Yet parsley is being sprouted […]


As the snow falls on this secondary of January 2014 I must get off my tail and firm up plans for spring. It may seem like a far way off but in just four weeks I will have to start seeds if I wish for a productive crop starting with green onions and parsley. Then […]


December has just begun and we were greeted unusually warm weather for then first few days but that quickly changed to cold rain with an impending ice storm on the way. I want to see how the bees are doing. I haven’t seen any in several weeks and I hope that just indicates they are […]


Glad to be prepped for winter but it is sad that the cold muck of this weather is just starting. The bees are all tucked in and I hope they have enough of their own honey to get through the winter. There is no food growing and I have yet to see worthwhile growth from […]

Episode-220- This Is What You Can Get From Hugelkultur – Asparagus

Permaculture Principle 7: Design from patterns to details Just from what I can remember here is a list of food that immediately comes to mind from the spring, summer and fall harvests of 2013. Just a quick note that annual refers to plants that grow and die in one season and perennials live for many […]

Episode-190- Reap What I Sow – Peas And Turnips

This is a follow up to Episode-158- where I showed how I was getting my spring plantings under way. I sowed turnip and snap pea seeds on March 30 and I started picking some of the rewards of my labor for two weeks. Today’s pickings were the best so and it is nice to see […]

Episode-186- Fix The Swales So They Can Grow Food And Look Beautiful

This video is a follow up to Episode -174- on Making swales and how they can be used to hold water and grow food. The video shows what the backyard looked like a year ago and some of the bare patches are evident but it was much worse. When it rained it was dangerous to […]

Episode-160- Varroa Counts Put Mite Away II Strips In The Beehive Part 1 of 3

Varroa Counts The video for today’s episode show how and why I apply Mite Away II strips to control Varroa mites in Honey Bee Hive B. Varroa mites are the number one honey bee killer on earth. This is the first of a three part series that will document the placing of the strips and observations […]

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