5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs

I created 5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs because I have been gardening for 10 years and I want to share with you the best ways to grow food and flowers in the suburbs. You will be healthier as will the local environment. You too can have great food without working too hard or spending […]

Garden Hacking Courses For The Suburbs

“UNDER CONSTRUCTION” Grow What You Eat At Home  – – Easy, Affordable and Fast “Episode-22- Grow Your Own Food to Become Healthy and Wis “Episode-23- How to Garden and Grow Vegetables in the Home” E83 “Episode-102- Make Gardens With Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables And Honey Bees” Episode-107- Make Your Own Food And Flowers – Part 1 […]

Episode-264- Backyard From Vision To Reality

If I started over I would begin with a read of Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway. I would then map my property on a topographic map to verify surveyed contour and the overlay my garden plans on that. The design would be a south facing U-shaped sun trap with swales on contours. I did not […]

Episode-258 – From Microsystems to Macrosystems Permaculture Practice In Suburb

This one microsystem amongst the many that make up our food forest is representation of how to incorporate several permaculture principles into one functioning system. See how many principles are applied in just this one small system. Send answer via contact page. Permaculture Principles

Episode-254- Plant Fall Crops With Compost

Today’s episode is a three part video that show what I am growing for fall and how I’m going about doing it. Ron Finley said growing your own food is like printing money and I listen to him. The driving force behind my production is the compost pile I have in the back and this […]