ToDoListHome.com 2014
ToDoListHome.com 2014

Ughhh!!! September came and went already and I haven’t posted since August 20th. Wow! Just goes to show the food forest and the rest of life are keeping me that busy. Taking care of the honey bees this year is the easiest and I love the top bar management system over the Langstroth. Not a lot of muss or fuss and the bees look strong as they prep for the coming winter. There’s two gallons of elderberry wine already racked twice and waiting a bit more before bottling. The habaneros have come in strong again and I have lacto fermented some, dehydrated many and still have plenty more to store yet. Got to put that on the ToDo list next. I’ll be sure to enjoy some in winter.

The edamame have come in wonderfully and plentiful. I planted them all over the place and then staked them as they were. Tall 5-6 foot plants. About 50 of them! Too bad we either ate or gave them away before putting some in the freezer. There still might be some left to harvest but most are turning yellow before the approaching winter.

The sweet potatoes …well I don’t want to jinx it so we’ll see. In the meantime there’s lots of garlic and shallots from GrowOrganic.com to put in the ground now. I have bulbs galore like daffodils, tulips and my favorite .. crocus from BulbsDirect.com. They are the first to sprout near the end of winter.

Finally I got the order straight for EdibleLandscaping.com I know how the yard should form up further with more swales and reinforcements of current plantings. Some of the ordering will wait til later when young trees are available again. At that time I want to palnt 2 Asian pear trees and another peach. What’s available now are blueberries, apple and goji berries to plant. First though I have to work hard to swale the north yard. That will require lots of energy to say the least. All this must be done shortly because before too long here comes the winter.

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