Episode-199- Mend Fences With The Neighbor – Part 2

As I set out to mend fences with my neighbor I had no idea it would be so difficult. But once I started there was no turning back. Episode 198 show how I thought I could get away with doing a half completed job and once I looked at the job a few times I knew I had to start over. The first repair was an eyesore and I like my neighbor enough to not leave it that way. Thus I had to make several more trips to Home Depot to gather wood and nails and make plans to to replace four whole sections of the fence. The problem had only just started to reveal itself.

Each fence section is supported by a 4 by 4 about 4 1/2 tall with about 2 more feet held in the ground with concrete. The problem was that two of the posts on the sections I wanted to replace were completely useless and had to be removed. After about 20 years the posts had rotted and were no longer holding up the fence properly. At first I thought I could just do simple post replacements because the concrete was still solid. the first post came out of its hole pretty easily but the new post would not fit in as easily.

This is where my trusty Makita Magnesium Hypoid Circular Saw came in handy again. I decided to shave to edges of the post to help it fit better but that wasn’t enough and I had to shave each corner up to about the 2 foot level. Prior to trying to stick it in the hole again I coated the post bottom with Vaseline. That’s an extra lesson for today. Always have Vaseline or WD40 and duct tape handy. That way you can hold together or separate two things anytime, anywhere. That did the trick and the post fit in easily and I poured a bit more concrete around the edges to seal the spaces.

The next post hole was easier to dig out because I broke the concrete by accident and all of the rotted wood in the middle was removed without trouble. This second post was then set with concrete by my daughter and a few days later the rest of the fence boards were put on the posts. Now my neighbor and I have four new and beautiful sections of fence. Once completed I was able to move on to doing something I liked a lot more and that was prepping the rose bed for more plants and vegetables. Not not only does the fence look better but all the raspberries, blackberries, sunflowers, cucumbers, squash and love lies bleeding look great next to it.

That’s it for today now go and do something nice for your neighbor.


Song of the Day – Papadosio – All I Knew – Live Video

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