That's spring in the background
That’s spring in the background

The county I live in has eleven hundred thousand people. When I compare that to the less than hundred thousand county I came from with roughly the same size in area I think of vulnerability and what it means to live in such a populated area. It’s nothing like living in Japan but it is more distant from what I prefer. Personal space becomes the sacrifice required when living in a more accessible area. By accessible I mean accessible education, entertainment, history and wildlife that makes it such an attractive place to live. I consider it something that I have to contribute back to as well and I do.

I take that even further with responsibility to turning my property into a producer versus a consumer of all my energy. As I have carved this path for 5 years it has been an awesome learning and eating experience. Now is time for wisdom which has been wrought through hard times and good to play a greater role in how I approach this growing season. Growing not just in terms of  plants but much more. There are bees now and more coming. The mason bees will be emerging from their cocoons soon and they have to have food ready. The crocus should start popping soon and probably will once the snow melts.

The second top bar hive is almost completed and it goes outside today. Have to do some prepping for more plants as the hot peppers, kale, endive and love lie bleeding were sown last night. There’s more to sow today like thyme and Swiss chard and I have to clean up the green room too.  Plants get sown now every week from now for the next two months.

Then there are the paint jobs that need attention. Gutters to clean probably and honey bee swarm traps to place before long. Which reminds me that I better order some fresh pollen now to be safe.

Ash Wednesday was the other day and that means Easter is less than 40 days away and it won’t be long after that for the call of the last spring frost. Then things will really be hopping here.

Things to do each month for a better life.

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