Episode-188- Make My Own Screened Bottom Board Sheets

This episode shows how I make my mite drop count boards with corrugated plastic sheets I got online cheap from Signwarehouse.com. I had been looking for a long time for a cheap supply of co plastic sheets because just one from the beekeeping supply companies costs $5 (shipping not included). That’s ridiculous! From Signwarehouse I got 10, 24 inch by 18 inch sheets for $10 (shipping not included but worth it).

In the video I show how I cut the sheets to size and fit them into the hives after giving a little of the bees from underneath. Being resourceful is an essential part of beekeeping because there are too many gadget out there designed to separate you from your cash and it’s not necessary. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on how I now build my own hives. My prize handiwork at present is the top bar hive I built during the winter. Nice to see my efforts going to good use now.


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