Episode-161- Make Life Easier With ToDoListHome.com

ToDoListHome.com began as way to track the things I do for a better life. I’m your host Tony Teolis and I’m keeping track of things to do for a better life. Coming to you from northern Virginia in the USA. This is Permaculture In Action to help you and me learn and educate others about;

HONEY BEES – Colonies, Hives, Honey, Problems and Solutions
GARDENS – Designs, Plantings, Methods and Animals
PREPAREDNESS – Wealth, Retirement, Disasters, Energy, Food and Water

I want to help you improve your life by learning how to do things necessary for better living. Together we keep track of things to do in order to influence the future and share with our communities. We are making a better life and this is how we do it.

The Key message that ToDoListHome.com offers is “Have fun doing cool projects and enjoy producing things.” I hope you learn and can share ideas on what it takes to be a producer with unique insight into what drives me to do this. The goal of ToDoListHome.com is to grow a network of reliable information and further market ToDoListHome for community and revenue.

I think I am doing cool projects and I enjoy producing things. Keeping track of them on a website and youtube, twitter and facebook has allowed me to improve upon mistakes, share experiences and enjoy the fruits of my labor long after tasks are completed. I originally thought of making the ToDoListHome.com website because I wanted to build a place I would want to visit that explained how to do the things I want to do with pictures, narrative and video.

This is my outreach to people like you who have a yearning for personal change and growth and a willingness to take ownership of something you can produce for a better life. The style of this site is designed to fit those who are much like me and want information on the run, have it portable, have it entertaining, have it provide value and in some way & possibly make it life changing.

What I want to be known for is I’m the guy who let’s you listen, watch and learn if he can make it as a producer to the point where others gain interest in doing the same and work to establish productive communities.
I want to be a reliable person for you to count on for getting home projects completed as efficiently as possible.
And I’m someone who lets you follow my plan to early retirement over the next 8 years towards financial independence of my current wage for my livelihood. That’s my definition of early retirement and maybe I can help you pave the way too.
If I experience failures you get to observe and learn how I overcome them. I haven’t quit anything since junior high wrestling and I won’t start now.

My Core Values are to
Waste no one’s time
Always produce useful content that can be acted on by the audience
Learn from my mistakes

ToDoListHome.com has become a become ToDoListHome LLC I have services to offer both near and far
From the blog comes the free tips and tours as well as the trials and tribulations of my attempts at permaculture in suburbia. More will be coming in the form of audio, books and video.

My home based services include
Organic Garden Consulting & Design
Productive plants with minimal work
Homes for Bats, Bees, Birds, Toads and More
Free Advice, Tips & Tours

Queens and Nucs – Honey bees born and bred in northern Virginia
Join our honey Cooperative – You don’t need bees but do you get the honey
Kenyan Style Top Bar and Langstroth hives built to order
Swarm removal and Trap Outs

Power supply packs for emergencies – Plug and play battery and generator solutions
Home energy audits and solutions
Disaster preparedness consulting and planning

I have a SUPPLIES Shop on the website with the best recommended items to help you with honey bees, gardening and prepping.

The passion that drives this is to build beautiful communities. The tenets of ToDoListHome.com are
No third party intervention with my money making or retirement planning capabilities
No third party intervention with the food my family eats
No third party intervention with my ability to help my family and community survive tough times and prepare for good times

I’ve been real busy lately building, planting and getting ready for more honey bees and more plants. Most of all I have been busy building credibility with you. Why the heck would you be watching this video or visiting ToDoListhome.com if I didn’t take the time to show what I do and why I do the things I do for a better life. ToDoListHome.com is my other job. I’m busy making content, writing episodes, and building the website. All these actions depict actual things that make life extra enjoyable. The best thing about ToDoListHome.com is I show how to make things happens with our own To Do list through good planning. It’s not important for you to do the things I do to make your life better. Only you know what will make your life better. It is important however to have a method for how you plan and implement the good things in life. I show you how specifically with the To Do lists presented in today’s episode and also located on the resources page.

Connect With Us And Tell Your Friends: Listen to us on iTunes in podcasts, watch the ToDoListHome videos on YouTube channel Tokyo73, follow us on Twitter and Be Our Friend on Facebook. Links to all these sites are @ ToDoListHome.com You’ll find files that you can download for your To Do List. Share your To Do List ideas with us!

That’s it for today now go and do something useful.


ToDoListHome.com To Do List

To Do List template

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