Make A Safe Walkway

walkway 5-20-12
Muddy path
Muddy path 3-2-12

I wish to present the new walkway three months after construction. This was put in place in March 2012 to prevent the constant runoff of water and creation of a muddy path that was too nasty to traverse everyday as I retrieve my bike. I was always concerned I’d slip on my ass and have to change my pants before work. The  design and construction are partly credited to Gaia’s Garden and my imagination. Episodes 56 and 63 linked below explain in detail how I built this inexpensive yet beautiful path that has helped to keep me dry this wet spring. There has been lots of rain and I water the gardens to the right when there isn’t rain and the path has worked as a holder of water and producer of rye and clover. Go to Episodes 56 and 63 to learn how you can do this yourself or involve others for a fun project. Also check out my review of Gaia’s Garden.

Episode-56- Make A Walkway Over Mud And Keep Your Feet Dry

Episode-63- Make A Path To A Better Life And Stay Out Of The Mud

Episode-61- Build A Dream – Gaia’s Garden – Book Review 

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