Episode-87- Low Cost Lawn And Garden Care

Lawn tools
Lawn care equipment
compsot grass
Cut grass and compost it.


This episode is part permaculture and part to do list home series because it speaks to using renewable resources and at the same time accomplishing a weekly chore.

  • Expensive lawn care program not necessary!
  • My program costs $94 per 2 years which is an 85% savings over what others have proposed
  • Grass clipping to the compost bin

Easy Lawn Care begins with the right equipment and techniques

  • Electric mower, trimmer and blower – no gas – no mess – no fuss
  • Mow high with the blade at least 4 inches above the ground

What I’m not doing but should consider

  • pH care – add sulfur for dandelion control
  • problem lawn indicators like dandelions and grubs
  • adding lawn enhancements such as chamomile, crocuses and yarrow


pH control

For high pH

For Low pH

Lawn fertilizer
Woodstream #9325 2.5m Nat Lawn Fertilizer

Grub control – check dead patches of grass to see if you have them.
St Gabriel Laboratories 10Oz Conc Milky Spore 80010-9 Grub Control
The best grass seed – Tall Fescue – Scotts 18226 Turf Builder Tall Fescue Grass Seed 7-Pound Bag

Song of The Day – Daddy Cool  – Eagle Rock     VIDEO 1      VIDEO 2

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