Episode-240- Installing Bees The Fun And Easy Way

Here is part 2 of the latest honey bee installation. This one in a top bar hive. Using a top bar hive as the home for this fifth colony of honey bees I am anticipating a yard full of animals. Hive 4 is going strong and I must heed any signs of swarming but for the time being all is good. That means there’s room for bees and this package of Russian honey bees from KelleyBees.com has made it’s way to my backyard. this is fun and it is neat experience is gaining confidence and trusting one’s own safety measures. When doing this it is safety first and for me that means clothing. No smoke for the install but yeah I don’t care about being made fun of. I just want to see the bees installed as easily as possible and then I want to get out of their way. I am not one with them and they are not one with me and I am not playing games in the meantime. I get stung maybe once a week or twice a month and I don’t mind that at all but I don’t need to attract to much attention during an install.

I just had to remove my name from a list of bee removers in Virginia because there are too many calls I am not interested in handling. They are usually long distance and I am usually unavailable at the time of calls. Plus most of the calls turn out to be wasp and hornet nests. That’s why there’s more in my backyard from KelleyBees.com. This is my fourth season of dealing with them and I love them. Gotta love the post office too for their service and my wife for the pick ups. Hopefully from these two I can then build a set of colonies that might last a couple of years. Goodness knows there is much for them to do onsite.

All about Honey Bees

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