Episode-99- Inspect Honey Bee Hive A 5-12-12

The video for this episode depicts an inspection I did last month of Hive-A which was installed in April 2011. This hive has been doing well and is full of bees. So full in fact that I don’t see any evidence of a swarm occurrence.  I checkerboard the hive in March 2012 and I think

that played a big part in preventing the swarm urge from becoming reality. As noted in Episode-94 I don’t think the original queen survived and was replaced by a producing queen. The evidence from this most recent inspection is that there are eggs and larvae. Tell tell sign of queen being present at least within a few days of when the video was taken.

There is a lot of honey in the hive and I do not feed this colony. They are eating their own production. That’s fine and I still have a shallow super on top in hopes of harvesting my own honey soon. We’ll. Watch and let me know what you think. Come back for more soon.

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