Hurricane Sandy Preparation

projected path of Sandy
Hurricane Sandy projected path

Sandy has certainly made her intention to slam the area in which I live and there’s no hoping she’ll just away. At least I am abandoning hope and preparing for what I have experienced before. Hurricanes after hurricanes in Japan and even during the first Mt. Fuji rock festival. Here in northern Virginia we have had to deal with Hurricane Isabel, and Irene that I have been around for. If nothing else Hurrican Katrina should still be a recent memory and assurance that you are your best hope in a disaster. Make friends and share the hope. Here’s what I was able to do today.

1. Purchased an Echo 16 inch chainsaw  which will be an heirloom over time. Nothing sucks more than a tree in the road blocking your path or one next or on your house.

2. My son took photos all around the house in case we need them for insurance purposes.

3. Tested this
We were able to run a tv, HD antenna tuner, 3 bulb light and that only used 230 W. We have more capacity to make bread, have an alarm clock radio and play Wii. In extreme  conditions we could run the fridge for an hour at a time a few times during the day.

4. Got prepared withf extra hard hats, beer, food, water, energy, communications and a few other necessities before shit gets crazy here. We’re staying put after Sunday as there does not seem likely places to bug out to as the affected area will be widespread.  We will of course boogie if circumstances require it.

Many more things left to do: honey bee preps, sandbags, shelter in place comfort.

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Preparation

  1. Be sure to have gas for that saw — no electricity means no gas stations will be operating. My personal tip would be to have 1 gal set aside in a small can for the saw, but only mix in the oil if you are going to run it — otherwise use said gas in a car or mower in 6 months and then refill your small can. (gas does have a limited shelf life)

    Also, I’ve never had a problem using gas with oil added in my mower; there is not really that much oil and the mowers have never cared.

    1. yeap the gas is sitting and waiting. too late about he tip for the oil …dammit! well something is getting saw someday that’s fer sure. Tip of the week – American Horror Story is awesome

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