Hurricane Sandy Coming

Hurricane Threat
Hurricane Sandy threat

Today was a busy day prepping for Hurricane Sandy coming for a visit. This is a no shit storm and that means no power, no hot water, and as well as no travel. That is it will be that way if you don’t have your preps ready or if you haven’t worked out a plan with your neighbors. Bugging in is plan A as this storm is wide and wicked but Plan B will get buttoned up tomorrow.

My preps for the day:

  1. Exercise the dog
  2. Move Honey Bee Hive B to the gazebo
  3. Trim the hell out of the big tree in my front yard
  4. Cut grass and mulch the leaves at the same time
  5. Feed both honey bee hives
  6. Clean the garage so the car will fit
  7. Clean the shed gutters
  8. Get gas for the chainsaw
  9. Organize supplies for buggin and bugging out
  10. Cook an awesome spaghetti and clam sauce dinner

Here are the best links to follow up for last minute prepping.




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One thought on “Hurricane Sandy Coming

  1. Keep it Rocking. I did #4 and #8, and a local variation on #10. Also made sure I had Charmin and beer, and full (over 3/4) tanks in all cars. I also found the backup sump pump for the basement (bilge pump from the sail boat) and went for a great 4-hour hike and enjoyed my day.

    Do you have electric hot water? My gas heater works without power.

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