Hurricane Sandy Arrives

Hurricane Sandy
Alert map for Hurricane Sandy

With three storm fronts coming together the Feds in DC closed the government for Monday October 29 and from the Weather Channel’s website I gathered the following  …”The time for preparing and talking is about over,” Federal Emergency Management Administrator Craig Fugate said as Hurricane Sandy made its way up the Atlantic on a collision course with two other weather systems that could turn it into one of the most fearsome storms on record in the U.S. “People need to be acting now.”…

Nough said. Booze, band aids and butter covered and now is hunker down time. So far I am leading the chess tournament. See you on the other side of Sandy.

Final preps for Sandy completed:

  1. Sandbags placed around where needed (note: need about 800lbs more)
  2. All gardens and plants cover cropped well and covered with straw
  3. Berry supports strengthened
  4. All loose ends secured (we’ll see)

How to pass time with Sandy:

  • The Hurricane Drinking Game 
  • Hurricane Recipe:   1 oz vodka, 1/4 oz grenadine,  1 oz gin,  1 oz light rum,  1/2 oz Bacardi® 151 rum,  1 oz amaretto almond liqueur,  1 oz triple sec,  grapefruit juice,  pineapple juice. Fill a hurricane (or any other tall glass) 3/4 full with ice. Pour all the alcohols in first, then follow with equal parts of grapefruit and pineapple juice. Serve and enjoy! (For those not drinking alcohol, you can use sprite and orange).
  • Catch up with the neighbors.
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