Hurricane Sandy
Wind Map from Hurricane Sandy
Honey Bee Hives
Moved Hive B in with Hive A in advance of Hurricane Sandy

We are well inland in northern Virginia but it sucks to be in New York City and many other East coast locales tonight. Good call to the leaders there taking the steps they did with closings and evacuations.  This is certainly a history book storm but again nothing we haven’t dealt with before in this area. Glad to have missed out on any mad rushes for supplies or what not. The weather at is “a wind driven heavy rain. Low 43F. Winds WNW at 35 to 50 mph. 1 to 2 inches of additional rain expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 50 mph. ” We already got close to 4 inches of rain in Fairfax over the past 24 hours and tomorrow’s dumping will bring it to a possible 6 inches. Nough said to make me seek out flood insurance.

Lots of power outages nearby but we’re still burning coal. The wind is really whipping it out there and it reminds me of all the Typhoons I experienced in Japan. Except here we got trees and this is one of those times we wish we didn’t. It’s dangerous out there but with a hard hart and rain coat I braved the weather tonight to give honey bee hive B a little ventilation. I moved the hive two days ago and blocked off the entrances. This morning I removed the block on the small opening and a fast moving crew of honey bees made haste to escape. I quickly plugged the entrance up but with much regret. I couldn’t have let more escape into the cold and am committed to keeping them cooped up until Wednesday depending on tomorrow’s weather. The loss of the 2 dozen weighs heavily with me. I should have kept them bottled up.

Took some wind film this evening and it is quite biting indeed out there.

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  1. Will says:

    Glad you are all well and in the light. I just heard a “boom” which was certainly a transformer going catastrophically bad, but we are good.

    I’m still thinking my idea of putting a cooler outside with some basic food items was a great call. Everything will stay cold from my home-made ice block and the chill in the outside air only helps. I have chicken and hamburger at hand but don’t have to open the fridge or freezer to get it if the power goes down.

    I’m streaming the Tropical Update, which is actually better than TV because there are no commercials!


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