Episode-84- How To Use A Website For A Better Life

How To Use A Website For A Better Life

ToDoListHome.com  is your stop for learning things that help to make life better. For today’s episode I thought you would benefit from my explanation on how to use this site effectively for so that you keep track of things to do for a better life. So please enjoy this screen capture video and let me know if it was helpful. My e-mail address is tonyteolis at todolisthome dot com

When you come to the ToDoListhHome.com website you see the name at the top and our tagline right below it. Keeping track of things to do for a better life. Beneath that is the menu bar with the contact page that lists my email contact and has a comment box as does every page on the site so please put your thoughts about what you see, hear and do at todolisthome.com in a comment.

  • Next is the about page which contains an introduction to the motivation and driving forces for the ToDoListhHome.com website and social media and soon this video will go here as well. Next is Advertise which contains detailed advertising program information for potential partners. Credit for this goes to Jack Spirko of the survival podcast .com.
  • Next there is VIDEOS which takes you to page containing our special YouTube channel information and you can watch the todolisthome videos right from this page.
  • Next is the Book list which contains the books that have helped to influence the building of todolisthome.com and all the things my family and I doing for a better life. The pictured book links are those books which I have already reviewed and posted on Youtube channel Tokyo 73 and in posts at todolisthome.com. On either side of each book pictured is the book title and the link to the episode in which I reviewed it. You should to visit this page if you are interested in good reading for a better life.
  • Speaking of books, soon there will be a banner link here to a new e-book I finalizing for publication “3 Things To Do For A Better Life”.
  • Last on the menu bar for now is Downloads. This is a special area containing files that you can download and customize for your own use. Currently there is a ToDoList spreadsheet file for organizing tasks, a budget spreadsheet to help get financial matters under control, there are some links for understanding and using mind mapping software. A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. I use FreeMind software to help me organize the episodes at todolisthome.com. It is invaluable for creating my e-books and I use the techniques quite often in my day job. There’s also the 2012 home outline and plans which has the details on all the plantings I do around the home. It needs to be updated but it will give you some ideas on how to plan your gardening and permaculture ideas.
  • There’s planting times which lists in a spreadsheet all of the plants I grow at home and the various dates for sowing and transplanting them based on last spring and first fall frost dates. It can be adapted to anyone’s climate as long as you know your frost dates. And I put a link for that in here as well. I also have here my plans for a cheap but extremely effective grow light system that I use for starting plants.
  • There are instructions I created for making a stand for a honey bee hive to keep it off the ground and as pest free as possible. There’s an important link to the twelve principles of permaculture. Permaculture is a way of designing things to develop sustainable human settlements and agricultural systems. The last link is to a great metric converter because the metric system is global and it’s important to know it.
  • Below the menu bar are the episodes of the ToDoListhome.com website. Eighty four so far and you can scroll down and see what I have put together to share with you with the intent of keeping track of things to do for a better life.
  • Each episode falls under one of four categories, they are: the Permaculture Series, The Review Series which are my personal reviews of books, products and companies, the To Do List Home Series which are the things we do to make our home and lives better. The final category is the Early Retirement series where I discuss ways in which my family and I are working to ensure financial independence but of course we will always be working.
  • On the right margin there are links to the ToDoListHome Twitter and FaceBook social media networks and a link to the syndicated feed for ToDoLsithome.com.
  • There will soon be a notice to sign up for a free copy of my book “3 Things To Do For A Better Life”.
  • At the top right is the search box. Just search for what’s on your mind. See if there is match. Try “How to grow vegetables” for example. There it is. Look at these episodes that have a relevance to what was searched. The next buttons are links to ITunes for podcasted episodes, YouTube channel Tokyo 73, and Facebook again.
  • Below that is the Categories drop down menu. You will see that there are 7 categories that you can select from and when you make a selection all relevant posts appear.
  • Below that is the Tag cloud contains referenced words you can click on for a page with all relevant posts.
  • Songs of the day is below that. Music is of universal importance to me and sharing some of the greats with you is a fun way for me to find new music to make the to do lists easier to accomplish.
  • Next is a link Grow More Now which is my other website solely dedicated to gardening and permaculture.
  • Pictures of Production is just that. All of the gardening and honey bee production since 2009.
  • Pictures of Alaska from our 2011 trip. Amazing videos of Alaska can be found on YouTube channel Tokyo 73.
  • Follow us for subscription link.
  • The latest feeds of episodes.
  • A calendar and if you roll you cursor of it underlines episodes and the dates they were published.
  • Recent Comments
  • Blogroll which lists my highly recommended sites for making a better life.

Affiliate links

  • Aweber – Customer management software. Wait until you see what it does for ToDoListHome.com.
  • 1&1 webhosting hosting. I’ve been using them for 6 years and they host the todolisthome.com website. Great customer service and awesome system performance. Excellent provider.
  • Amazon affiliate link. Because shopping sucks and you can get stuff you really need from home. No extra gas. No waiting in lines. No disappointments, free shipping on most orders over $25 and no TAX!

Ads by Google for website related products for your to do list

Revolver global counter. It has been fun to watch it get populated. Wait until you see what is next. I have a free e book ready to distribute online and it will be fun to see if that speeds up any increase in visitors.

Finally, there is Sitemeter which provides interesting statistics. This site is low, low, low on the radar. I also use Woopra and Google analytics. Sitemeter gives you, potential advertisers and anyone interested in such statistics a chance to get an idea of the traffic on the ToDoListaHome.com website.

That’s if today now go and do something useful and use the ToDoListHome.com website and link to us on YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter.

Song of the Day –  Pictures at an Exhibition: I. Gnomus (arr. S. Gorchakov for orchestra)


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