Episode-152- How To Start Growing Seeds Indoors 4/4

This final video of a four part series will show how I have reverted to using yogurt cups and seedling starter trays to get a large number of plants off to a fine start. I was trying to save time and effort with using compressed blosks of soil to start seeds and keep them growing in the blocks until they need to go outside. That is not going to happen with the seeds that I started earlier this month. Green onion, parsley and chive seeds need moist fluffy soil to get started so I am not denying them. Sure I have had to start over but round two is doing well although I have yet to see the chive sprout up. I’ll be keeping an eye on them and will be relieved when they do.

This past week also required me to start the hot pepper, Swiss chard, endive, lettuce, thyme, amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding and a few others see 2013 Planting Times This time I was not going to take chances and started them all in yogurt cups. Some of the Swiss chard was started in leftover soil blocks and I’ll be able to compare them against the ones started in the cups.

I started more parsley and those seeds along with the hot pepper required soaking in water for 24 hours before putting in the soil. The soil was heated in the meantime with the use of the heating mat. I highly recommend investing in the mats because hot pepper, tomato and chive seeds in particular take a long time to sprout and the extra warmth provided by the mats is invaluable to decreasing the germination time.

So now you have enough to get going on starting seeds and here are resources for more. Give em a holler at tonyteolis at todolisthome dot com


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