Episode-106- Harvest Honey From A Bee Hive – Part 1

This is the most exciting time I had putting a video together for you to watch. It’s the Honey Harvest! This is part 1 of a two part video that shows the super and 8 medium frames of honey that I took from honeybee hive A.

This colony of Russian honey bees was installed in April 2011 and after 14 months of management, perseverance and patience there is honey for me to harvest for friends and family. It’s not about stealing from the bees but more about carefully observing and interacting with nature in order to help propagate the honeybee in my community and get them to thrive to the point where they have produced enough honey for human consumption.
I have taken the advice of Rusty of HoneyBeeSuite.com and Michael Bush of Bushfarms.com/bees to be a non-intrusive manager of honeybees. My bees are not medicated with artificial medicines to protect from the variety of diseases and pests in nature. Thus, the honey they have produced is not medicated. It’s a wonderful experience and the taste is one of the most special things in this world.
Watch how I cut out the honey from the frames and crush the cobs full of honey before placing them in the special straining bucket. Part 2 will depict how the honey is strained and bottled and shared with others. Stay tuned.
Special thanks goes to Linda’s Bees for showing me how easy it is to harvest honey with little cost.

Linda the beekeeper crush and strain 

Crush and strain system from BrushMountainBeeFarm.com 
How to manage honey bees by my favorite advisers

  • Rusty and HoneyBeeSuite.com
  • Michael Bush and BushFarms.com – The Practical Beekeeper

ToDoListHome.com Honey Bee Episodes


Song of The Day – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – MP3 Piano Concerto No. 21 In C Major, K. 467: II Andante  – Video

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