Episode-117- Harvest Garden Vegetables For The Dinner Table

Come and see what is beng harvested for the dinner table.  A wonderful display of delicious food that you can learn to grow on your own too. To Do ListHome.com It started as a way to keep track of things I do around the home to make life better. That includes permaculture and gardening and today I present you with some of the bounty of our various harvests…

We decided to grow our own food long before we bought our first home in 2009. When we finally thought the time was right to strike we did so with a property that just had a lot of potential. My wife thought a garden as something nice and small but now my kids and I have built about 400 square feet of gardens and about half of that is done with hugelkultur. Since the middle of May we have been bringing in an average of about 6-7 pounds of produce per week. Which is close to 20% of our summer time consumption. Right now my family is in Japan and I haven’t gone to the store in two weeks. I think that’s why I grow my own food. I don’t like shopping. I especially don’t like shopping for vegies grown hundreds or thousands of miles away. In the winter we are constantly growing sprouts and eat them all day long. We have two bee hives and just harvested 16 pounds of honey in June.


Song of the Day – Temple of The Dog – Hunger Strike – Video

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