Episode-241- Grow Radish In Three Easy Steps

SoutherExposure.com thansk for the seeds
SoutherExposure.com thanks for the seeds

Growing radish is an awesome return on investment plant that brings forth produce in a short amount of time. So short that it is the shortest of all the plants I grow. All it takes is for radish seeds to be planted i s good loose soil that’s watered, weeded and mulched. The Voila within 28 days you have food. Of course you have to like radishes like I like radishes in order to say that gleefully. Yeah, what a nice touch to salads.

Planting radish even if you don’t like them is important for honey bees and other pollinators in your neighborhood. Bees and other critters will come to enjoy the nectar the white radish flower puts forth. Int he process they will aid in the pollination and seed production of the plant. I have not yet gained seed from my radish. mostly because I eat them as fast as they come out of the ground. Except for two years ago when things seemed to be banner for the crop.

It won't be like that this year.
It won’t be like that this year.

And that’s the way it is sometimes. You just never know from year to year which crop will be the bumper crop. I am not going to make a guess either. The asparagus has passed its prime picking days. Strawberries are starting to pop. The black berries seem to be forming nicely. I got more tomatoes once again than I should. Somehow I seemed to have found more ground each day for more plants to grow.


More about Radish (Raphanus sativus)

Song of the Day  – American Babies Cold Blooded


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