Episode-93- Grow More Tomatoes With Vertical Gardening

vertical garden
vertical gardening nets
gardening up
vertical gardens in bloom
vertical garden harvest
vertical garden harvest


  1. How I went from a no nothing backyard gardener to a producer for the neighborhood in just 3 years. I read and listened to others.
  2. How to plant tomatoes
  3. Why tomatoes and other plants should be trellised
  4. Materials for trellising plants. 3/4 inch PVC pipe in 10 foot lengths, 1/2 inch by 2 foot rebar rod, PVC connectors, trellis nets, a helper.
  5. How make the trellis
  6. The benefits of trellising plants and growing vertically. It’s also great fun! Ever grow a ten foot tomato plant? You will!
  7. Plants that benefit from trellising
  8. Tomato plant maintenance


Song of The Day – Queen – Under Pressure – VIDEO 

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