Episode-206- Go To All Good Music Festival For A Real Good Time

Tony Teolis/ August 2, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Grace Potter At All Good Festival 2013

Grace Potter At All Good Festival 2013

These heady days of summer have been some of the best ever. It’s important to note that some of the best times so far would not have occurred without planning for them in advance. Case in point, make plans to go to the All Good Music Festival. Now this music festival was something that I had been thinking about or almost a year and planning for since February. I am so glad I got my brother interested in it as we both bought tickets in way back in the cold cold winter. Last week we were out in the hot hot summer dancing ourselves dizzy. What a good time and what good friends we made at All Good. Everywhere we went everyone except the cops said we were “All Good”. The police were great though and there was no observer muss or fuss with anything except for one unfortunate kids we saw get busted in the further away Shakedown Street. Overall Buddha had the best seat.

We’ll be back but in the meantime there’s the Peach Music Festival to look forward to in just two more weeks. If you know about peaches then you know this Festival features the Allman Brothers and Rat Dog both for two night with YES once again her highness, the god mother I never knew I needed at this late stage in my life Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.

At the All Good Festival we rocked ourselves silly with Grace Potter and to make it better Bob Weir came out to sing Friend of The Devil with her. What a blast and like she said “You can’t do Dead before The Dead without The Dead. Later on During the first or second set of Further Grace joined them to sing Turn On Your Love Light. Wow. And the way she was dressed was more wild than my mind could handle at the time.

Anyway point being the good things in life involve not saying your told or it’s too FAR OR I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT. Spend time with the people you grew up with and had the best times with. There’s more good times to be had with them. See you in Scranton Sam.

All Good Music Festival Lineup 2013 – What a fabulous time! – Follow the music links.

2013 All Live Special + Plus Video Songs of The Day – Grace Potter and The Nocturnals with Bob Weir – Friend of the Devil

These are just the bands I saw. There were many more I missed but I’ll be back and the list will get longer. Next March 4th Marching Band I promise.

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