Episode-37- New Square Foot Gardening Pesticide Not Needed

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Show notes

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  • New Square Foot Gardening Pesticide Not Needed With This Style
  • Mel Bartholomew
  • Gardening – Episode 32 (lots of great garden planning ideas and downloads…seeds, berries, potatoes and more). We are taking Action for life and  permaculture in northern Virginia. Turning the home into a homestead and business.

What I learned from All New Square Foot Gardening 

  • How to plan gardens with more precision and less waste
  • Sowing and transplanting times that can be adjusted for anywhere on earth
  • How to grow gardens vertically which permit more food to be grown in less space

What’s really good about this book

  • Profiles Mel Bartholomew provides for the most popular vegetables, herbs and flowers and their growing cycles
  • Instructions for extending your growing season
  • Mel presents ideas for getting people with disabilities and the elderly involved
  • You can begin composting anytime

All New Square Foot Gardening  is a must read for

  • Beginner and expert gardeners
  • People who wish to garden inexpensively
  • Anyone who wishes for pesticide free and pollinator friendly gardens
  • Anyone interested in producing more food for home and market


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