Episode-35- 4 Steps To Landscaping Success Or Permaculture Principle #12



This episode is the first of several that will explain why I implement permaculture principles as I plan and manage the home gardens and landscape. Today I cover Permaculture principle #12 – Creatively Use and Respond to Change. “Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they will be”. Tune in to learn how to properly plan for those wonderful spring days soon to come.

Song of the Day – You’re Gonna Miss Me – Original 

Show notes

4 Steps to Landscaping Success

  1. Call 811 – Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, calling 811 before each job.  Note: This is what my water company does – “Although we work with Miss Utility to prevent damage to our water lines, we do not mark the private water lines that extend beyond our valves (or meters) near the street where individual services begin.” So Be sure to mark water line entry points from markings done in the street.
  2. Inventory and order seeds and berry plants
  3. Prepare indoor space and lights for seeds and plants. Grow Light set-up
  4. Gather materials


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