Episode-201- Protect My Plants From Slugs And Creepy Crawlies

I have received some questions about how to control slugs that eat plants and I have perfected my method over the last few season to maintain some modicum of control. We have had a lot of rain this spring and summer and slugs have not taken a break from trying to make a mess of things. I have already had several of my basil and hot pepper plants mauled to the brink and I do not want to go another season without a big hot pepper crop. When I first put my plants in the ground I used the method shown in the video to some extent but obviously not enough.

I stopped by Lowes recently to get more hot pepper plants and another big basil. This time when they went in the ground I made sure to put big enough plastic bottles around them. I used 1.5 liter grape juice bottles with the tops and bottoms cut out. This will help make it difficult for slugs to crawl to the plants. The slick plastic sides makes it near impossible for them to manage and it gives the plants a chance to establish themselves and build eventual resistance to these pests and other creepy crawlies.

Before resorting to things like neem oil or diatomaceous earth (crushed ancient ocean animal bones) I like to employ permaculture like this, produce no waste and use and value available resources. So far it seems to be working and we may get lots of basil and peppers as a result. Enjoy the short instructive video.


Song of the Day – Lettuce – King Of The Burgs – Live Video



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