Episode-130- Crazy Crazy People With Molotov Cocktails

Molotov Cocktail thrower
Perp caught for throwing Molotov cocktail in mall in Arlington, VA


Honey bees on top bars
Honey bees on the top bars of a super


Garlic and French red shallots before planting


Garlic and French red shallot garden
Preparing the garden with swales on contour and wood









Can you believe this song was number one in the USA in 1965. So prescient and the intro is by none other than Jerry Lewis. My effort today is a fuck you back to freaks who intend harm.

So I’m getting through the day at work when someone says Molotov cocktails were tossed in the mall food court across the street. Welcome to Arlington, Virginia USA 2012. What the hell is going on? Would Vyacheslav Molotov be proud? Probably not because he hated the term that the Fins came up with for him dividing their country. I am not kidding Molotov cocktails in the mall is fucked up and requires  little thinking into why I do what else I do. If the world is going to hell in a handbasket I’m going to make my ride in a breadbasket. Literally. We chew a lot of bread around here.

I have had to counter some of my intentions from Episode-124- Honey Bees Gone Wild – No Treatment, Clean Wax, Natural Cell  and begin feeding the honey sugar water and Honey B Healthy. I also put on some pollen and grease patties. The Honey Bees seem to be well and I will do well by them. The older hive doesn’t need much in the way of feeding but the younger one will benefit in the winter from the extra preps I am helping them with. Came across a new podcast for listening to about bees and it’s been a bunch of fun. http://somdbeekeeper.com/

Time has been moving on and my shipment of garlic and red shallots from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has required action this week after sitting in the basement for 3 weeks. Finally tonight in advance of an approaching storm all have been planted over the last three nights. This is an act of faith in the future. I’m looking forward to smiling again like this in just another 8-9 months.

How to grow garlic
Garlic and French red shallot harvest 2012

Man Questioned for Molotov cocktail  

VIDEO – Suspect in tossing of Molotov cocktail at Ballston Va. mall arrested

Song of the Day – Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction – Live VIDEO 


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