Episode-75- Build A Market One Episode At A Time

With a passion for what you love to do and a headset you can build markets for the future



What do I do?
I think I am doing cool projects and I enjoy producing things. Keeping track of them on a website and youtube, twitter and facebook has allowed me to improve upon mistakes, share experiences and enjoy the fruits of my labor long after tasks are completed. I originally thought of the ToDoListHome.com website because I wanted to build a palce I would want to visit that explained how to do the things I want to do with pictures, narrative and video.
Who is the audience?
This podcast is my outreach to those folks like you who have a yearning for personal change and growth and a willingness to take ownership of something they can produce for a better life. Thus the style of this site is designed to fit those who are much like me and want information on the fly, have it portable, have it entertaining, have it provide value and in some way & possibly make it lifestyle changing.
What I want to be known for
I’m the guy who let’s you listen, watch and learn if he can make it as a food producer to the point where others gain interest in doing the same and work to establish a productive community. This includes includes requisite animal rearing as applicable. Right now I have honey bees. But I have aspirations for raising fish through aquaponics too.
I want to be a reliable person for you to count on for getting home projects completed as efficiently as possible.
And I’m someone who lets you know how over the next 9 years a plan is implemented, followed and revised along the way towards financial independence on my current wage for my livelihood. That’s my definition of early retirement and maybe I can help pave the way for you.
If I experience failures you get to observe and learn how I overcome them. I haven’t quit anything since junior high wrestling and I don’t think I’ll start now.

Core Values 
1. waste no one’s time
2. always produce useful content that can be acted on by the audience
3. learn from my mistakes
5. The person I admire most is my father

  • He’s seent he worst that the world has to offer but still retains a faith in humanity and God at the age of 86.
  • He doesn’t believe in bullshiting people as means to accomplish personal goals 
  • He taught me that giving people what they want is more important than giving them what is easy

The Key message that ToDoListHome.com offers
Is What I do – Have fun doing cool projects and enjoy producing things
Why believe me? This is the 75th episode and I currently follow a schedule of 4 episodes per week and that show commitment to the 3 dozen folks out there now visiting everyday. And you can believe me because you can see and hear about the fruits of my labor and the labor of my family. I have also uploaded 41 videos to youtube channel tokyo73. They mostly show the permaculture aspects of living the way I do. There’s videos on how I raise honey bees, how I grow food and flowers, how I do home projects, book reviews and product reviews. These are all designed to provide my family and I with a library of how to keep up with things we do and the videos are useful how tos for you.
What’s the experience I want you to get from visiting? I hope you learn or can share ideas on what it takes to be a producer with unique insight into what drives me. I do this through the book reviews. For example, un episdoe 33 I did a book review of Physics of the impossible by Dr. Michio Kaku and the intent was to put in your hands a book of motivation that is not only fun to read but serves to remind you that are only limited by the known laws of the physical universe. Nothing else. No one can stop you when you put your mind to doing something. I also hope to save you time and money by learning home permaculture and repair projects in one stop. I aim to provide useful links to get the best possible information in the most easily transferrable means to you. Taking on some of these projects can alter your lifestyle for the better and I only want to share because of the benefits I’ve realized. Keeping fit, eating better, knowing more and sharing more. As an example I refer you to Episode-36- Grow Sprouts And Influence The Future

Branding touch points of ToDoListHome.com or the places where we brand ourselves include:
ToDoListHome.com website
YouTube – channel Tokyo73
Twitter –  #!/ToDoListHome
FaceBook – Tony Teolis
Tony Teolis.com
Other sub sites – honey bees, projects

The Goal of all of this

To grow a network of reliable information and further market ToDoListHome for community and revenue

Doing this episode has been extremely useful and I wish to thank Jack Spirko at 5 minutes with Jack and Timbo Reid and Luke Moulton of SmallBusiness Big Marketing .com Links to these fine sites are at todolisthome.com in today’s show notes.

That’s it for today now go and do something useful


Permaculture – It’s more than gardening, it’s a way of life!

Song of The Day – Broken     VIDEO

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