Episode-95- Bring Dead Lawn Back To Life

The dead patches
Buried logs (hugelkulture)
Covered with soil and lots of seeds

How To Green A Dead Patch Of Lawn 

  1. Integrate Rather Than Segregate – “Many hands make light work”
  2. By putting the right things in the right place, relationships develop between those things and they work together to support each other.
  3. Every time I attempted to repair the dead patch ended in failure as there was never enough soil or lawn started to hold back the water.
  4. As I have been learning more about permaculture and gardening, soil improvement and compost I have become more adept at adjusting to the challenges that my yard and gardens have posed.
  5. To accomplish green where there was dead lawn I needed to think beyond grass and imagine what kind of life forms it would thrive in a previously dead area.
  6. The success from this repair began to become glaring once it became a success because the dead patch next to it stood out even more.
  7. This dead patch has been the most troublesome and unsightly and it was becoming ridiculous of me to not fix it when you take into consideration the success I have had growing things around the home.
  8. As I have learned from 4 years of making compost it is the little things that make the larger things successful and in the case on lawn repair and compost it is the microorganisms that help to form life chains that other life forms can cling too and thrive from.
  9. I am confident of this attempt to repair a dead patch of lawn into something unique because we have already had lots of rain the week and the area is already well sprouted with green forms of life.


Song of The Day – Dave Brubek – Take Five –  VIDEO 


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