Honey Bees Going home at ToDoListhome

Honey Bees going home at ToDoListhome

Swarm Removal 

Call Tony at 703-402-1763 and take a look at what you might have. Ohio Bee Identification Chart  

If you see a honey bee swarm leave it bee. They will move on to another location in a short time. If it’s on your home or property and you wish to be rid of them give me a call and I will remove the bees for free if they are in a swarm. This is what a swarm looks like http://bit.ly/13co7yN

If you would like to keep the swarm but not sure what to do with it I can help. I’ll provide you with any necessary materials and training to get you started as a bee keeper with minimal cost in time and money.

  • Provide your name and exact address and phone number
  • Is it a swarm of honey bees? Look like thousands not dozens of stinging insects?
  • How long have they been in the current location?
  • Where are the bees exactly, how high? On what?
  • Are they posing a problem to children or traffic?
  • Whom might own the bees? A nearby beekeeper?

  • How big is the bunch of bees? Softball, basketball, beach ball size?


  • Stay away from the bees, indoors, do not disturb them they are harmless in this stage.
  • Do not spray with water or pesticides!
  • Who will meet me?
  • Don’t worry. The bees are just resting and will leave soon, maybe before I get there.

http://bit.ly/13co7yN If you see a swarm of bees marvel in the moment of this wonderful act of natural procreation. A honey bee swarm is natures way of reproducing a colony of bees. Honey bees do not operate as individuals but rather as a one whole entity which is the colony. When honey bees swarm that indicates that have left behind a brand new colony with a brand new queen in the hive they have abandoned. They swarming colony is the experienced one and it is up to them to find a new home and allow the new and weaker colony to inherit the old one.

  • Prior to swarming scout bees have gone out looking a few new places to rest until a new home is found. They then return to the hive with information on the rest spot location. As a whole a swirling mass on honeybees leaves the original hive with brood, a queen cell ready to hatch and stores of pollen and honey. They swirl around and fly off as a group because to them they are one entity.
  • Along the way to the new home they may perch for a bit nearby usually as close as a hundred meters. This is when most swarms are observed and to the uninformed it can be frightening. I can also be awe inspriing as it was for me and my brother when we observed a swarm once in our yard when we were kids.
  • Honey bees are at their most docile state in a swarm which is at times unjustly thought of as their most menacing. If you see a swarm leave it bee. If it’s on your home or a nearby structure give me a call and I will remove them without charge.


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