Our techniques for keeping pests at bay are varied and not limited to a solution fits all. We observe and interact with nature as permacutlure instructs us to and we have more success at less cost.

The pests we target

  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Slugs, Snails
  • Japanese beetles
  • Mosquitoes
  • Cabbage moths
  • Harmful nematodes
  • Tomato worm

Growing delicious food and beautiful flowers as nature intended does not have to be reliant on artificial chemicals that in time kill pollinators and ruin the soil. Instead our methods at include building habitats for larger beneficial animals such as toads which eat garden slugs and bats which eat mosquitoes. We will design and place Toad Castles and Bat Caves which will go unnoticed to anyone but you.

Toad Castles

  • These simple constructs are basically just cleverly stacked stones that are attractive and welcoming to toads that you won’t see unless you are in the gardens late at night with a flashlight. Toads live in these dark and damp dwellings by day and feast on garden slugs by night.
  • Garden slugs can wreck havoc on leafy greens and other plants and generally be a slimy mess in the garden. When toads are present the slug population is depleted and you don’t have get you hands dirty picking slugs out of the garden. Toads also dine on mosquitoes which increases the value of attracting them to your yard.

Bat Homes

  • Mosquitoes are ubiquitous and can ruin time spent in the garden but it doesn’t have to be that way. With just a few conveniently place Bat Homes you will have a force of mosquito hunters that will feast on the pests while keeping you from scratching. The bats are nocturnal and like toads come out in the evening for their feasting of pests that will become less bothersome.

Deter Deer, Rabbits, Squirrels and Other Critters

  • Growing gardens does not have to be a hobby you quit because the deer , rabbits and squirrels have ruined everything. They will if you let them but the techniques we show you will limit their destructive capability. Without the use of chemicals deer and squirrel damage can be mitigated with a few permaculture principles such growing a diversity of plants that benefit each other rather than growing plots of single species plants.

Beneficial Flowers and Plants

  • Have plenty of marigold, garlic, clover, tarragon and other plants growing in the garden next to your favorite flowers and plants. These plants in particular have qualities such as smell that naturally deters destructive from wanting to get close. They also have particular benefits for attractive beneficial insect such as honey bees while at the same time deterring destructive nematode in the soil. Other flowers such as nasturtium and 4 O’Clocks (they bloom each day around 4PM) have characteristics that are fatal to harmful insects while tasty to humans and pollinators.

Easy Defense

  • Ccollect and place dog excrement and hair in and around your gardens. This is probably not something you desire to do yourself but we can show you how to manage it without it becoming too disgusting of a task. Additionally, we show you techniques for what to do with the occasional deer bone left over from a friend who is a deer bone. It is a quite ominous proposition indeed for deer to wander into what they may perceive as a deer graveyard. Again this is something that can go unnoticed by anyone but you. The technique of making use of canine waste and hair is also a great deterrent to rabbits and squirrels.
  • Use techniques such as placing strong fishing line and bars of soap around your property. Deer in particular do not like to be enclosed and 20-30 pound fishing line strung around your property serves to warn deer of possible enclosure. When employed properly fishing line goes unseen and will not hinder your movements in the yard. For larger open areas fencing may be necessary but it does have to be expensive. Employing simple poles and wire in a two layered fashion may be all that is necessary to keep you delectable plants from being mauled by deer


  • Deer also have a keen sense of smell and bars of LifeBoy soap hung from tree branches will keep deer from entering where they are not welcome. We use simple jute twine tied around ¼ to ½ bars of soap and strung from tree branches.
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