Farm helper

One little farm hand amongst millions!

The animals on our property come in all shapes and sizes even though we live on a 1/3rd acre lot. We do not sterilize the property as so many others with chemicals designed to terminate or prevent living organisms from thriving. Instead we have provided a haven for animals that reward us with productive crops.

small but strong workforce

Digging up some animals in the compost.

We begin in the compost pile, where when started right, life at microscopic the level has a chance to begin and then attract larger and larger organisms that all aid in the breakdown of the food and yard waste that we put in there. When it is ready to remove for placing around plants we always have plenty of wonderful worms which are nature’s tillers. We do not till. The worms do it for us.

Home for Mason Bees

Mason Bees at

We build places for animals higher up the food chain to live such as bird baths, bird feeders, bird homes, toad castles, Mason Bee homes and of course the honey bee hives of which there are several. Of course this does quite seem like a farm but when you see all the activity on a warm summer day you would know there’s millions of workers on the job at
Little Critters

  • Our garden animals service begins on a small with the introduction of plants and materials designed to introduce beneficial animals to your gardens. We begin with the soil and make it so that it is attractive and welcoming to the bacteria and microscopic organisms necessary for healthy plant growth.
  • From there we construct and place compost boxes in convenient places so that there is a growing and ready supply of beneficial organism rich material that can be place in your gardens full continuous healthy soil and plant development. We do not till the soil nor should you. Our compost constructions are designed to attract nature’s tillers such as the earthworm which when harvested and placed properly will save you enormous amounts of time and energy.


  • Without bees of all sorts, ants, hummingbirds and a large variety of insects that pollinate blooming plants and flowers great gardening cannot happen. At we will construct and place a variety of homes and feeders designed to attract pollinators to your yard.

Honey Bees

  • If you want to have honey bees in your yard there are several things you can do to get the there. We can provide you with the ideas and designs for flowers, trees and plants to ensure nature’s sweetest pollinators show up.
  • We can help you take the next step by providing the right kind of simple box in your yard to attract any feral (wild) swarms that may happen by your neighborhood. These boxes require little in the way of management but the bees in them will provide lots in the way of pollination. When the box is too full the colony will split and part will swarm off to another home leaving others behind to begin again.
  • We take this a step further and will manage the bees for you to ensure you have continued bee presence in your yard. The services involves more specialized equipment and time but you get more bees more often and HONEY!
  • If you are ready to begin bee management on your own please see our Honey Bees Services Page

Mason Bees

  • We design Mason Bee homes for the small bee that lives in reeds placed in wooden holders. A few of these holders produce hundreds of free pollinators working the flowers to ensure that produce the food and flowers you desire. There is little maintenance to these creatures and once in place future generations of Mason Bees will follow for many years.


  • Ants are another force in nature’s pollinating army and growing certain plants such as peas and beans will attract them to your gardens. They will pollinate these plants and carry back food to their colony with causing any harm to your dwelling. Keeping them near their food will help you grow your food and they won’t get in your house in search of food.


  • Hummingbirds are not only beautiful but they also pollinate flowers, plants and trees. Yes they live in northern Virginia and many places throughout America and you can attract them to your yard too. With properly designed and placed bird baths and feeders your gardens will be more productive. We can show you how at
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