Fruit Tree Gardens

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Let us help you build a fruit tree guild.

Let us help you build a fruit tree guild. Complete edible landscape service. All in one design, plan and install. Nature takes over the rest.

Swale and Hugel guild system Swale and hugel guild


Fruit trees in your yard that are short and productive! 6 feet tall and easy to manAge. Perfect for beneficial flora and fauna.

Email tonyteolis at todolisthome dot com

Peach Tree GuildPeach Tree Guild

What is a guild?
A guild is an association of carefully selected plants that grow well together by combining their benefits into efficient systems. Plants grow better in guilds. For example, an apple tree in a hole on its own will requires continuous care. However that same apple tree planted with comfrey for deeply buried nutrients and attractive to pollinators increases sufficiency. Plants grow better in guilds Add clover for ground cover, daffodil to keep deer at bay, garlic, peppers, narsturtium, basil, parsley, marigold and a few sweet potatoes and a colorful food feast awaits your yard and later your table. A few beans as well will add than just passing wind. They deposit nitrogen and taste delicious!

Plant Guilds are a great way to begin building your backyard. They thrive on their own and combined with others provide a bounty.

guild for dinner     Food Forest

Learn more about guilds from Midwest Pemaculture Plant guilds

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