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Things To Do For A Better Life 

@ I document my EBay business and provide lessons for that and growing your own food. I also provide information on preparedness, how to save money and fixing things around the home. I am an experienced home gardener and beekeeper. My backyard is a Food Forest that provides food, fauna and habitat for humans and pollinators. I created and related social media outlets to document the development of that project which began in 2011. @

Learning more to share with you

  • Over 2,000 square feet filled with perennial fruits and vegetables
  • Food Forest Design and Development
  • Fund raising for Start Up
  • Retirement Planning
  • Storing harvests for future use
  • Five colonies of Russian honey bees
  • Top Bar and Langstroth hives
  • Mason Bees
  • Eight years of living with hurricanes and earthquakes in Japan
The Capabilities and Potential of Autonomous Intelligent Machines

I provide support services to technology and research and development markets in the United States and Japan. My purpose is to facilitate communications between potential business partners in these fields. We develop business which results in technology that facilitates the full potential of the human mind.

In Japan I created and implemented high value Information Technology business opportunities with the Japan Air Self Defense Force and multinational businesses operating in Japan and Asia. The organizations I serviced include NTT Communications, Micron Electronics, DataCraft Japan, and Kawamura International Communications.

I lead teams to the accomplishment of new technical projects in Japan and the United States. I served in the US Army, Developed business in Japan and manged operations for the US National Science Foundation. I can provide you with a solid start for doing business in Japan.

At the US National Science Foundation I am responsible for administration of operations and services for the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences. I serve as a recruiter, supervisor, mentor and coach for administrative professionals. I also administered an international exchange program for US graduate students, and served in operations management for the Geosciences and Biological Sciences Directorates.

Tony Teolis

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