@ ToDoListHome.com I document and provide lessons for growing your own food. I also provide information on preparedness, how to save money and fixing things around the home. I am an experienced home gardener and beekeeper. My backyard is a Food Forest that provides food, fauna and habitat for humans and pollinators. I created ToDoListHome.com and related social media outlets to document the development of that project which began in 2011.

Positive thinking began my journey to the life I live. Several years ago I published Three Things To Do For  A Better Life. I offer it to you here for free. Thanks for being here to read this.

I lead teams to the accomplishment of complex and challenging projects to improve operations and management.

I served in the US Army, developed business in Japan and manage operations for the US National Science Foundation. I created and implemented high-value IT business with the Japan Air Self Defense Force and multinational businesses in Japan and Asia. I serviced NTT Communications, Micron Electronics, DataCraft Japan, and Kawamura International Communications.

I have over 30 years experience working on three continents to make dreams come true and I can help you. I lived and worked in Japan for many years making $Million$ in sales for multinational corporations. I have served the public as a recruiter and coach for the US National Science Foundation and I am excited to partner with you!

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