Episode-21- Keep Warm. Watch My Review of Portable Heaters for the Home.

The video for today’s episode is a review of the different heaters I use in the home during winter. The Lasko products I have had for 6 years and they still work great. The kerosene heater is the best emergency heat provider because it is powerful enough to heat the entire home. This requires strict […]

Episode-142- Build A Battery Power Pack

    We are learning to prepare for and survive a power outage with the use of a 12 volt deep cycle battery and an 800 watt power inverter. The video depicts my set up and testing of the battery and inverter as an energy source in case of a power outage. The total cost for […]

Episode-19- Manage a To Do List to Get the Most Out of Life

Show notes  Subscribe To Do List Home Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Gardening – We are taking Action for life and permaculture in northern Virginia. Turning the home into a homestead and business. Planting Times Manage a To Do List to Get the Most Out of Life.  Completed To Do List tasks To Do List – Formatted in […]

Episode-8- Get a New HVAC Without Getting Ripped Off

     HVAC-911  CALL NOW (703)628-4090 Gardening chore Russian Honey Bee Hive Installing and feeding a new package of Russian honey bees. Shipped on April 23rd by The Walter T. Kelley company of Clarkson, KY and delivered by the US Postal Service at 10:30 a.m. on April 25. Thank you. The Walter T. Kelley Company is […]