Episode-159- 7 Ways To Keep Deer Out Of Gardens

Today’s episode will teach you How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard and gardens. I will describe 7 methods I employ that seem to work at keeping these creatures away. Don’t get me wrong, I like deer just as much as the next person  I like
roasted deer, grilled deer, deer burgers, deer sausage  and I especially like deer steaks. I also like the deer legs that my neighbor gives me for my dog. He’s a hunter and sometimes the dog makes out too. My dog likes to chew on the bones in yard and then scatter them throughout the yard. That’s one sure way I keep the tall four legged rodents out of the gardens. At least I think it works. It’s pretty ominous for deer to eat in a deer graveyard with dog pee and poop strategically scattered throughout.

But just the bones, pee and a bit of poop alone are not enough to keep deer out of your yard and gardens. My property borders a 50 acre wooded park and the deer there leave it during the day to ramble through the neighborhood. Depending on the season I see them at 5 o’clock on my way home from work making their way to their beds near the school.

When I started gardening 4 years ago my neighbors told me I was wasting my time because I’d end up feeding the deer, rabbits and squirrels. If you know anything about me then you know I like to be told I can’t do something. I’ve learned through permaculture that in most cases pest problems are solved by principle #8 Integrate Rather Than Segregate – by putting the right things in the right place, relationships develop between those things and they work together to support each other. For example, if aphids attack a plant grow cilantro to attract lady bugs that will eat the aphids.

In the case of deer the dog, dog pee and poop and deer bones seem to help deter deer. At least so far. Another easy method I employ to stop deer involves stringing 20 pound fishing line in 2 layers around the trees and fence in the back yard. The line is strung between 4 and 6 feet high with the first one strung all along the border. The next line is strung about 3 feet in from the first one. The restriction any animals feel at the line is enough to give them pause. If they jump over the first one then the second serves to make them feel a little trapped and deer don’t like to feel trapped. It’s also a nice way to give any other intruders pause in case they feel like traversing through the back yard.

Another method I recommend is to cut bars of life-boy soap into quarters and tie them twine strung from tree branches and structures. The smell is said to deter deer which have a have a keen sense of smell and alerts them to possible danger.

Another method that is easy to employ is to grow lots of aromatic plants. I grow a lot of mint, thyme, tarragon, oregano, dill, and chives which are inter planted throughout the garden. These plants are perennial and grow well which means they only require to be planted once for long term production and protection.

The most carefree method for keeping deer out yards and gardens is to install an 8 foot or higher fence. However, the cost and ruin to the scenery has never been attractive to me. I would only consider such a fence if I woek up one day and saw the yard filled with deer. Then again a call to my neighbor to get out his bow would always seem more economical and delicious.

So there you have it

  1. A dog to scare away deer.
  2. Dog pee. Let the dog mark itself along borders and your plants.
  3. Dog poop for which you don’t need a dog, just a sign and collection bin in your yard.
  4. Deer bones from your friendly neighborhood deer hunter. There is one nearby.
  5. 20 pound fishing line in a 2 layer fence.  Also a good idea is to put some cans on the lines.
  6. LifeBoy soap strung from twine.
  7. Aromatic plants placed throughout the yard and gardens.

That’s it for today now go and something useful to keep deer out your yard and garden.


Song of the Day – Tanner Flowers – Deer Song


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