3 Tough Mudder Training Tips For The Average Person

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3 Tough mudder training tips for the average person

These are the most useful tips and they are to eat healthy, walk, jog, run, and get stronger. For the average person this involves lifestyle changes that are not easy to accept.

I am a grateful person and I enjoy my life. These Tough Mudder Training Tips are essential for Making connections with others on the Tough Mudder field. This adds a component to my experience that is hard to replicate. I like to challenge myself mentally and physically and I work at that at regularly. But it is only when I am tested with others that my self awareness is more fully brightened. Its also to try to recapture some of the fun that I have experienced along the way and make it even better. But getting there requires work. Hard work!

As my 3rd tough mudder draws closer and the training increases it is a good time to first reflect on what is Tough Mudder.

My goals for Tough Mudder 2017 are to complete all the obstacles and have minimal pain and or injury afterwards.

Tough Mudder And The Average Person

A 10-12 mile obstacle course that takes about 4-6 hours for the average person to complete.

Tough Mudder is designed to test the resilience of the human spirit not the speed of an individual. That spirit, that soul which is higher than any individual psyche is called out and put on notice to shine or shudder at tough mudder. When working together Humans thrive in teams and accomplish difficult shared goals. We experience the human spirit it in sports and other activities. Our children play on teams and push themselves in individual endeavors that when accomplished brings waves of good feelings. For many of us connecting to the human spirit is a remote action. We see it on the news as the result of people helping othes in the wake of tragedies.

Want To Trive

These Tough Mudder Training Tips will hlelp you thrive. We cannot thrive alone but our society today demands that we do. Take driving for the example. It is sometimes the antithesis of teamwork. Until we re-evaluate how we transport ourselves too many of us spend too much time competing with one another for limited road space. It is easy to see how the  average person can quickly lose their or connection and chance of being a part of the  wonder of the human spirit. You see it action in churches, at ball games and at concerts. Yet those activities cost us our time and money not necessarily the deepest parts of what we can actually contribute. Tough mudder provides an opportunity join the human spirit in a test of mental and physical strength as well as cost you some of your time and money.

The Cost Of Tough Mudder

Tough mudder demands a dedication to being fit and living right. It calls on you to be a part of something bigger. No one finishes alone. Life does not happen by chance and we place ourselves in unknown situations in order to benefit from the serendipity that develops. By facing fearful things and training to overcome distance and obstacles and then having a chance to overcome them as team is a true measure of the power of humanity. It is people at their best helping one another and I like to be around that.

Average Person Training For Tough Mudder

Before I began training for tough mudder 3 years ago I completed an annual physical. That is the recommended first step for any potential tough mudder participant. Please note the disclaimer. Once the average person is found to be fit to participate in tough mudder the time is right to incorporate my 3 tough mudder training tips into their life. They are basic fundamentals that are easy to understand. Soon enough with enough lead time the average person will be in shape for tough mudder and the rest of their life.

Eat Healthy Tough Mudder Training Tip For The Average Person

The information provided here is not meant to make you crazy. it is the real fact of what to eat to be healthy, wealthy and wise. I am not making the best effort to adhere to this diet but I am doing better than before. If it comes in a box, bag, can or other container look twice at the ingredients before consuming. It’s hard I can’t do it yet. Here is the FOOD LIST FOR MY CURRENT WORKOUT PLAN They key is to become creative with the ingredients. More time spent cooking and preparing meals in advance will lead to satisifaction. One hack to share is to use a peeler on a sweet potato while frying up a can of sardines and greens from the garden.

The Fundamentals Of Healthy Eating

In these times anyone with access to information has the ability to learn and manage a healthy diet. The fundamentals of a healthy diet are meats, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, fats and water. This can be met with two daily servings of lean meats, fish, and good sources of protein such as eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese and tofu. Carbohydrates should include oatmeal, breads & pastas made from wheat flour and brown rice. Three times a day the average person should enjoy low glycemic vegetables (link) that are fresh, steamed, fried with extra virgin olive oil, or baked. Fruits such as melon and grapefruit, apples and other readily accessible treats should be taken at least twice per day. Healthy fats for the average person are EEVO, avocados, and nuts. Check with your physician first and consider taking a daily multivitamin to ensure you are receiving essential nutrients. Take charge and pack your own lunch.


The Tough Mudder Training Tips notes that the average person does not need supplemental foods such as protein powder, creatine or branch chain amino acids. However, I use supplements because my training now involves 4 weight lifting sessions per week. This is in addition to a weekly mini mini mudder, running, taking the stairs, bike riding, gardening and other physically demanding activities. I have always enjoyed protein powder after a good weight lifting session but now I need more. I was a reluctant practitioner of adding supplements but I have recently realized the benefits of pre workout drinks, creatine and branch chain amino acids.

Water Is Essential To Train For Tough Mudder

Water is the central source of nutritional support for the average person. Drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. The average person has a couple position of about 60% water. We are basically big water balloons. The leaner the body the higher the water concentration. While training for tough mudder it is essential to have plenty of water breaks. Not just befor and after workouts but throughout them. This allows for a continued maintenance of vital body organs to work harder under stress. I always train while drinking water through the sessions and bring it along on walks and runs.

If the average person is to be apart of tough mudder they should know how long 10 miles is and how long it takes to complete a 10 mile walk or run. The next thing to understand is how well one can pull themselves up and over walls, lots of walls. Doing the tough mudder obstacles demands a strong shoulder muscles and a fit core. The last fundamental of tough mudder is being uncomfortable. What is the average person’s tolerance for being, wet, muddy, cold, frozen, burn by the sun and horseflies to name a few of the uncomfortable parts of tough mudder. Misery loves company and tough mudder ensures there is plenty of misery to be joyfully approached and almost always overcome by strangers working in teams.

Walk, Jog, Run

To prepare for this the average person needs to Start walking … a lot. Walk everywhere not just with the dog or to your favorite lunch spot. Walk, jog or run to as many places as reasonable during the time between now and tough mudder. Tough mudder is not a race although you can run it and to save time I recommend jogging between obstacles. Find a sensible walk, jog run program that works for you. Ask your physician for a recommendation and start doing it. Once you can build up to a tolerance of about 5 miles preferably at a run then you are ready for the distance part of tough mudder.

BodyBuilding.com Articles showing results for “running”

Become Stronger


Tough Mudder Training Tips notes the need for a high amount of upper body strength. that does not come cheap or easy. lots and lots of pull ups. Don’t waste two years like me and use a doorway model. Get serious and build the Definer.

Upper body strength is essential for overcoming the tough mudder obstacles. Of course tough mudder is all about teamwork and there’s lots of help along the way to get done what’s needed. But the average person will get hurt if they are not prepared to handle the physical strain placed on the upper body and core through tough mudder. If you are already strong then you must get stronger in order to lead and help others through the course. Tough Mudder Training Tips recommends a review of the following.

Best tough mudder training programs for the average person

The  Tough Mudder Training Tips add unpleasantness to your life. Each of these programs is famous for will help to prepare for such unknowns as horseflies, sun burn and extreme cold. Each of them will make you sore but satisfied in knowing hyou are receiving some of the best prepatory training for an even such as Tough Mudder. Take the stairs whenever you can. Keep a record of your progress. Challenge yourself! If you decide to do a Tough Mudde please share your experience. If you do VA 6/10 Give A Holler!

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