Episode-72- Things To Do For A Better Life

Tony Teolis/ April 5, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

gardening at home

Gardening Teolis style

growing gardens

The gardens on the south side just a short time later.

It’s not just for gardening. Use it in your life. This Episode explains how we do it. The key to a good life is wanting what you have. My journey to knowing what I want.

What Drives ToDoListHome.com and Why

  • This is my way of paying back years of using the Internet for research.
  • Learning and improving permaculture techniques to help build community, sufficiency and reliance.
  • Retiring at age 55 or younger.
  • And TheSurvivalPodacst.com – Go to the TheSurvivalPodcast.com today and learn how to live the good life if times get bad or even if they don’t. See also 5 Minutes With Jack The Business Podcast

How I implement the drivers into my life

Song of The Day – The Longboatmen –  Take Her Anytime – Take Her Anytime Video 

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