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Episode-107- Make Your Own Food And Flowers – Part 1

Published on July 1, 2012 By Tony Teolis

Tour our gardens with today’s video and see for yourself what is possible with planning, hard work, hugelkultur, seeds from SouthernExposure.com and plants from NourseFarms.com. Of course special credit goes to

Episode-54- Fishing Report – Catch More Freshwater Fishing – Book Review

Published on February 29, 2012 By Tony Teolis

BOOK REVIEW SERIES      Song of the day – For You Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Gardening – We are taking Action for life and  permaculture in northern Virginia. Turning the home into a homestead and business. What I learned from The Art of Freshwater Fishing How to choose proper fishing […]

Episode-50- Cancel The Cable Service – Early Retirement System Step 2

Published on February 21, 2012 By Tony Teolis

EARLY RETIREMENT SERIES GrowMoreNow.com  Launched February 19, 2012. GrowMoreNow.com  Thanks to Jack Spriko and The Road to $100K  Disclaimer Neither this site or its owner are in anyway providing anything other than personal stories of what was required to plan and accomplish tasks for a personal to do list. No responsibility is to be attached to […]

Episode-28- Honey Bees Are Alive And Well

Published on January 7, 2012 By Tony Teolis

                  Song of the Day – The Blue Danube (Waltz), Op. 314  Show notes Subscribe To Do List Home Music – Blue Devil Plain Honey Bee Photos Videos Gardening Honey Bee Hive Inspection January 7, 2012 What I did Why How I did it Resources I used – […]

Episode-25- Put New Shingles On An Old Roof Safely And Accurately

Published on January 2, 2012 By Tony Teolis

                               Put New Shingles On An Old Roof Safely And Accurately Safety first – Neither this site or its owner are in anyway providing anything other than information on a personal to do list. Anyone associated with this site or its content […]


Published on October 2, 2011 By Tony Teolis

Edamame Man 9-30-11 As you can see we are still harvesting and today we feast on edamame Japanese style. However, this weekend’s cold rains may have brought an early end to the summer harvests. Not to worry though as the fall gardening includes diakon radish, beets, spinach and endive. Check out more of the 2011 harvests […]

Episode-11- Replace Oven Heating Element Without Leaving Home Or Calling For Help

Published on July 17, 2011 By Tony Teolis

Cheap, easy and safe oven heating element replacement My favorite favorite way to fix an appliance – you don’t have to waste your time in a big box store asking someone who isn’t much help where something you need is and then they probably charge too much even if they have exactly the part you’re […]