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Episode-231- Weatherproof The Home For Winter

Tony Teolis/ February 1, 2014/ Preparedness/ 2 comments

         I’m grateful for listening to a friend three years ago motivate me to insulate my home as well as I did at that time. The three winters since that time were not nearly as cold as this winter of 2013-14. The past few winters made the presence of drafts in the home known enough but not to the point

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Warm Up With This Winter Heat Review Part 2

Tony Teolis/ December 11, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Here’s the video that show how I safely prepare the space heaters for an advancing winter storm of ice and snow. I also put the 12volt battery on charge to get ready for any power outage. The system I present provides 800 watts of power and has been used to power a TV, bread maker and some lights at the

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Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist

Tony Teolis/ March 5, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Click photo for how to build an 800 Watt battery power supply. There’s a storm a comin this is the kind we cannot bug out for because home is our safest place. Heavy wet snow with the ability to down know down power lines and freeze the roads will last until 3:00 AM Thursday in the DC metro area. For folks

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Episode-142- Build A Battery Power Pack

Tony Teolis/ December 28, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

    We are learning to prepare for and survive a power outage with the use of a 12 volt deep cycle battery and an 800 watt power inverter. The video depicts my set up and testing of the battery and inverter as an energy source in case of a power outage. The total cost for a battery, charger and inverter

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Episode-118- Physics Of The Impossible Review

Tony Teolis/ August 5, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

What I learned from Physics Of The Impossible…