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Episode-211- Fruitless Fall Book Review

Tony Teolis/ August 12, 2013/ Honey Bees/ 0 comments

Fruitless Fall book review: 1. What I learned The difference between the waggle and tremble dances foragers perform upon their return with goodies from the field. Foragers do waggle dances when recruiting others to a good nectar or pollen or plunder site. The tremble dance is what foragers do when in need of receivers of their bounty. If the two

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Episode-78- Produce More At Home To Retire Early

Tony Teolis/ April 17, 2012/ Gardens, Preparedness/ 0 comments

Producing things for consumption at home is contrary to the American way of life. the us economy depends on consumer spending for at least 70% of all consumption. That’s outrageous and horrible. Americans have become dependent on too many complex systems just to get by for an ordinary day. Starbucks coffee in the morning, Chipotle in the afternoon and pizza

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Episode-44- Beekeeping For Dummies Book Review

Tony Teolis/ February 9, 2012/ Honey Bees/ 0 comments

Today I wish to introduce you to Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston. I have in my hand the first queen cage I received when my package of bees arrived in April of 2011. My neighbors take turns asking me why I raise honey bees and I like to reply that it’s the riskiest thing my wife will let me

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