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Episode-8- Get a New HVAC Without Getting Ripped Off

Tony Teolis/ May 9, 2011/ Preparedness/ 1 comments

     HVAC-911  CALL NOW (703)628-4090 Gardening chore Russian Honey Bee Hive Installing and feeding a new package of Russian honey bees. Shipped on April 23rd by The Walter T. Kelley company of Clarkson, KY and delivered by the US Postal Service at 10:30 a.m. on April 25. Thank you. The Walter T. Kelley Company is where I got my Russian

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Episode-5- Buy A Home of My Dreams and Prevent Nightmares – Part 2

Tony Teolis/ April 2, 2011/ Preparedness/ 1 comments

   Show notes Music – Blue Devil Plain planting times Southern exposure http://www.southernexposure.com Gardening chore Making a place in my yard for the bee hive    English Garden Hive Walter T. Kelley Company Buying a home in Fairfax county Part 2 Real estate information gathering tools for Fairfax county and anywhere else Refer to “Episode 4 – Part 1 of

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