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Keep Auto Windows Clean For Free And Check Supplies

Published on January 21, 2012 By Tony Teolis

                       Hi Folks, Winter weather is hitting northern Virginia pretty good this weekend and I wanted to share a trick from western PA. I’m not sure if that’s where it started but I was trained by my father to always put cardboard on the window […]

Episode-9- Get The Bug Out Bag Ready

Published on May 27, 2011 By Tony Teolis

I had to recently check my bug out bag at the urging of my son when some severe thunderstorms were blowing through the area. I do this 2 to 3 times a year and it takes a bit of effort but the timing was right and so I went along with his suggestion. I’m glad […]

Earthquake and Tsunami. Dr. Michio Kaku

Published on April 13, 2011 By Tony Teolis

As you know from episode 6 I am watching what is going on in Japan very closely. From episodes 4 and 5 you will know I am a fan of Dr. Kaku’s books. Just give him a chance and hear what he has to say.