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Feed Bees In Winter Quick And Easy

Tony Teolis/ March 20, 2013/ Honey Bees/ 0 comments

  I want to share with you this easy method for feeding honey bees in an emergency that I came up with the other day. The weather was warm on March 9 and seemed to be trending that way as it did last year. The winter storess seemed light with respect to the number of bees that were being formed

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Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist

Tony Teolis/ March 5, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Click photo for how to build an 800 Watt battery power supply. There’s a storm a comin this is the kind we cannot bug out for because home is our safest place. Heavy wet snow with the ability to down know down power lines and freeze the roads will last until 3:00 AM Thursday in the DC metro area. For folks

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Episode-142- Build A Battery Power Pack

Tony Teolis/ December 28, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

    We are learning to prepare for and survive a power outage with the use of a 12 volt deep cycle battery and an 800 watt power inverter. The video depicts my set up and testing of the battery and inverter as an energy source in case of a power outage. The total cost for a battery, charger and inverter

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Death Of Bees Caused By Varroa

Tony Teolis/ December 28, 2012/ Honey Bees/ 0 comments

Everything was going well this holiday season until today. I went out to confirm my suspicions that something was wrong with Honey Bee Hive A.  I installed Hive A in April of 2011 and it is very sad to realize there is no life left in it now. Photos – http://bit.ly/YUzvgS What bees there are were all on the screened bottom board. This hive had 2

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Hurricane Sandy Affects

Tony Teolis/ October 30, 2012/ Preparedness/ 1 comments

We are well inland in northern Virginia but it sucks to be in New York City and many other East coast locales tonight. Good call to the leaders there taking the steps they did with closings and evacuations.  This is certainly a history book storm but again nothing we haven’t dealt with before in this area. Glad to have missed

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Hurricane Sandy Arrives

Tony Teolis/ October 28, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

With three storm fronts coming together the Feds in DC closed the government for Monday October 29 and from the Weather Channel’s website I gathered the following  …”The time for preparing and talking is about over,” Federal Emergency Management Administrator Craig Fugate said as Hurricane Sandy made its way up the Atlantic on a collision course with two other weather systems that could

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Hurricane Sandy Coming

Tony Teolis/ October 27, 2012/ Preparedness/ 1 comments

Today was a busy day prepping for Hurricane Sandy coming for a visit. This is a no shit storm and that means no power, no hot water, and as well as no travel. That is it will be that way if you don’t have your preps ready or if you haven’t worked out a plan with your neighbors. Bugging in is plan A as

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Hurricane Sandy Preparation

Tony Teolis/ October 26, 2012/ Preparedness/ 2 comments

Sandy has certainly made her intention to slam the area in which I live and there’s no hoping she’ll just away. At least I am abandoning hope and preparing for what I have experienced before. Hurricanes after hurricanes in Japan and even during the first Mt. Fuji rock festival. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuji_Rock_Festival Here in northern Virginia we have had to deal with Hurricane Isabel,

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